What apps spark my creativity?

Apps that I recommend for Apple or Android

What are some of the apps that I use on my mobile?


I have worked both with android (galaxy s8) as well as apple (iPhone). Both are have their pro’s and con’s, but I tend to recommend staying with what ever operating system you have. It tends to be in your best interest to stay with Apple if you have all apple products and vice versa. For example, I have an iPhone X, iPad Pro, & MacBook Pro which all work in the same ecosystem so it’s easy and efficient for me to transfer big files via Apple’s “AirDrop”. When I was working with both operating systems Windows and Mac simultaneously it was much more difficult to transfer my files from one application to another.

To each their own, but from a personal creative opinion I would stick with Apple, however with Apple’s never-ending “price hike” Android seems to be a welcoming option in the near future. However, if you use Adobe CC software it tends to be in your best interest to use Apple because of Apple’s and Adobe’s close partnership, for example the full suite of Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 will be released for the iPad Pro in 2019.

The app’s shown below are downloaded on my iPhone X so I can edit and work on the go without lugging around my computer. If you have any questions about any of the apps I use below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via a comment or message privately if you’re more comfortable with that.

App to keep your eyes on…

Behance.net - One of the most under rated apps.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.33.50 PM.png

Behance.net is an online website where you can showcase & discover your own artwork as well as view others who are professional as well as novice. It’s an excellent web based application that supports Mac, Windows, Apple as well as Android. From my humble opinion, it’s the most important creative tool that you can use on the internet, yes..that’s quite the statement. For example, when I was getting my degree in digital media instead at looking at artwork in the local area I was going to Behance because it was a way for me to view and compare my artwork with the best digital artists in the world. The way I see it, I didn’t want to compare my work with other college students, I wanted to compare my work with professional artists. It was a way to inspire me as well as push the standards of my own work.

However, one of the least talked about benefits is that Adobe curates galleries for programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom After Effects, inDesign, Illustrator, etc and hands picks projects that they deem the best of the best. Although the odds of getting your work picked is small, it puts your work in front of a major following. Companies, such as Nike, Guess, Nikon, Canon, etc will look over the projects and if your project gets chosen they might hire you to do a project for them; you never know, the possibilities are endless.

If you’re curious to see what my profile looks like, it’s www.behance.net/adrianoINK. However, if some projects come up with a small circle with a line through them it’s because there is work that may deem inappropriate for people younger than 18 you need make an account.

List of Edit Apps

  1. Photoshop Express

  2. Adobe Lightroom CC

  3. Photoshop Fix

  4. Photoshop Mix

  5. Adobe Rush CC

  6. Adobe Capture

  7. Adobe Spark Post

  8. Astropad App

  9. Procreate (iPad Pro + Apple Pencil)

  10. Adobe Sketch (iPad Pro + Apple Pencil)

  11. Adobe Draw (iPad Pro + Apple Pencil)

*Procreate, Adobe Sketch, & Adobe Draw are all app’s that I use solely on my iPad Pro and it’s worth the investment if you have the Apple Pencil, although it’s $99 for Apple Pencil it’s prime use to illustrate really comes into it’s own on the iPad Pro. However, don’t make the same mistake I did; I purchased the 9.7” iPad Pro 2nd generation and if I was to do it all over again i’d purchase the 12.9”.

List of creative Apps

  1. Behance

  2. Astropad App (iPad Pro)

  3. Display (Behance)

  4. Google Drive

  5. Pinterest

  6. Vero

  7. Mixer

  8. Vero

  9. Linkedin

  10. Bored Panda

  11. Instagram

  12. Twitter

  13. PLANN

  14. Tumblr

  15. Scribd

  16. Cleaner (Instagram)

  17. Youtube

List of music inspiration

  1. Apple Music

  2. Spotify

  3. Youtube

  4. Pandora

Tips for Digital Artists.

What do I use to create my work?

  • Apple MacBook Pro 15" 
  • Apple iPad Pro 
  • Apple Pencil 
  • Astropad 
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite 
  • Nikon D600 FX camera 
  • Multiple Hard drives (LACIE 4 Tb Hard Drive, Western Digital - PR4100, multiple flash drives)

A lot of people ask me how I make my art and what products do I use to create these neon UV photoshoots for example. Obviously, I have to use a camera, which I use a Nikon D600. It's a full frame sensor which does one hell of a job. It's a great starting off camera for the FX lines for Nikon. I have never used Canon so I can't speak to their abilities. The one thing is when you use a DSLR camera for these shoots you need to make sure you get a camera that will have a high ISO range so that you can take good photos with very little light. My art is a trial and error piece and I learn as I go. My first piece, "Neon Dreams" was really difficult to shoot because it was the first of it's kind. When I took pictures my subject I was only using UV light which is naked to the eye so it was literally pitch black in the room. Later, I purchased a small hand-held neon UV flashlight which made it much easier to zoom in on the model with clarity. 


I use an Apple MacBook Pro and Apple iPad Pro with an apple pencil for editing. The software I use is Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (mainly, Photoshop & Lightroom). I also use a third party app called "Astropad". Astropad makes it so I can turn my iPad pro into a Wacom Cintiq in theory. I can make edits on my iPad pro and they edit will then translate right into any Adobe program I'm using on my computer. I previously had a Wacom Intuos pro which I personally felt awkward using it. I never felt natural using it because I would never be able to look at what I'm drawing because the device didn't have a screen. I searched the internet for a device that I could use which it would be more intuitive and Astropad did that for me. It made editing a breeze. It costs a small fee $30 or so to purchase from the app store. One the best investments I ever made.


When you spend roughly 13 hours per photo shoot and then countless hours editing your work in Adobe Creative Suite it's imperative that you save your work on multiple locations in case your hard drive fails, etc. I tend to save everything on my 4tb hard drive and then save on my other hard drive later on (RAID hard drive system). When you have clients, the last thing you want to have happened is to tell them you need an extension because your work is ruined or lost. It's never a good look. It's worth the investment. 

I hope this helped you. Unfortunately, I make a much different type of art that is not typical in the industry. It's great because I have a unique fingerprint if you will. However, I would search days looking for the type of equipment I would need and it was exhausting. I hope this gives you a better glimpse into my world of art and what type of equipment is necessary to make your mark in the digital art world. I also can't stress this enough, DO NOT GO CHEAP ON YOUR EQUIPMENT, spending that extra $ on quality. Remember, you pay is what you get.