AdrianoINK is a premier, graphic design company specializing in ultraviolet neon light photography and Adobe Photoshop. AdrianoINK seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary photography by creating surreal neon worlds and developing innovative techniques.

Timelapse - Thought process behind Adriano Rodrigues

Timelapse - Thought process behind Adriano Rodrigues

Adobe CC Splash Screen Concept Design by Adriano Rodrigues

One of the biggest questions people ask behind my work is, how do you create your artwork? Now, one of the nicest things about Adobe Photoshop is, there are a million different techniques to accomplish the same thing. A lot of people may think that's great, which it can be. But, it's also what makes Adobe software so challenging from my perspective. For example, three different people can show you three completely different approaches to render the exact same images. 

Step 1: I found a stock image from Adobe Stock and downloaded the sample image which is free. If I find the image fits my standards for the artwork then I download the licensed version. 

Step 2: I download the stock image and insert potential other images that I will display as background textures (two different texture images were used for this piece in particular). 

Step 3: Add different layers and apply a Black and White filter. 

Step 4: I inserted the actual logo of Adobe to make sure the measurements were correct. I then, applied unique brush strokes using black ink and the combination of my MacBook Pro and my iPad pro using an application called "Astropad" (which in theory turns my MacBook Pro into a second screen which I can digitally write on to Adobe photoshop cc). With my Apple Pencil, I physically drew the strokes with the brush which you cannot replicate with a keyboard and mouse. 

Step 5. Final touches - small edits. 

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Adobe CC Splash Screen Remix

Adobe CC Splash Screen Concept Design Artwork by Adriano Rodrigues

The Journey behind Adriano Rodrigues

The Journey behind Adriano Rodrigues

Tips for Digital Artists.

Tips for Digital Artists.