Artist Statement


In 2014, I was hit by a drunk driver at 100 mph while driving in a 40 mph zone. Since that life altering moment, the chronic pain I experience has shaped every single art piece I have done. Instead of viewing migraines and excruciating spinal tension as a weakness or inhibitor to my creativity, I use them as tools to enhance my work. I developed incredible strength and resilience and it became my voice. Unable to yell 24/7, I shape my art around my emotions and use colors to scream the loudest in the room. 

Neon UV photography is the way I channel my personal reaction to trauma. My images rely on hyperactive colors as a way to grab the viewer's attention. The rawness of my work is intended to capture a blend of angst and harmony. Each series debuts a new photographic technique, while borrowing and expanding on themes from earlier works. I use tonic water, glitter, liquid latex, and paint to create surreal and visually challenging images. In each piece, I aspire to prompt the viewer to ask, “How did he create this?” The opportunity to create never-before-seen images pushes me out of my comfort zone and keeps me excelling into the unknown.

Adriano Rodrigues, 2019