Adriano Rodrigues is a Brazilian/American artist raised in upstate New York. He is the founder of AdrianoINK, a premier graphic design company specializing in ultraviolet neon light photography and Adobe Photoshop. He earned a degree in Digital Media at Hudson Valley Community College, SUNY, in 2017 where his signature style first developed. Since then he has created works for clients such as Polaroid and Adobe.  His work has been featured in the Portuguese magazine, Roof, and on the side of  the Vente-Privee headquarters building in Paris, France. Rodrigues is a pioneer in the field of ultraviolet photography and continually seeks to push the boundaries of contemporary photography by creating surreal neon worlds and developing innovative techniques. He suffers from chronic pain,  after being hit by a drunk driver in 2014, and is an outspoken advocate on the issue. He currently lives in upstate New York with his two cats, Coco and Chloe. 


Adriano Rodrigues is recognized as a Top Talent of 2019 by Adobe.

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